Community I

    • The Comedy of Ayahuasca

    • Navigating Spiritual Experience

    • 'Yorenka Ashaka' – Ashaninka´s tradition and shamanic knowledge supporting the rebirth of indigenous consciences in Brazilian Amazon

    • Living with Drugs: 10 Wise lessons Given by Ayahuasca to an Ecological Approach on psychoactives

    • Dietas with Master Plants in Shipibo Ayahuasca Shamanism, a North American Urban Field Report

    • The Cosmic Serpent Meets the Rainbow Serpent: Explorations into Ayahuasca Use as a Catalyst to Enhanced Access to Transpersonal Domains and its Relation to Reawakening Knowledge of Native Science

    Community II

    • Sustentabilidad y Medio Ambiente

    • Copal y Palo Santo, A Estudio

    • La Ayahuasca y el Chamanismo Moderno

    • Ayahuasca and the Homeless

    • Liana del Ver, Cordón del Universo

    • Giras Ancestrales de Medicina Tradicional Indígena

    Community III

    • Analysis of the Material and Immaterial Elements in the Healing Places: The Case of Mayantuyacu in Peruvian Amazon Forest

    • Taboo: From the Jungle to the Clinic

    • Ayahuasca Insights: Modus operandi?

    • Ayahuasca, Yoga and Tantric Art: In the House of Sacred Sciences

    • Ayahuasca Analogues of Australia

    • Ayahuasca Ceremonies for the Treatment of Manic Depression?

    Community IV

    • Consciousness, a Biotechnology Invented by Plants?: The Plant Intelligence Paradigm for Ayahuasca

    • The New Frontier of Ayahuasca Healing Centers

    • Supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Healing Journey with Transpersonal Therapy: An Autoethnographic Reflection and Analysis of an Ancient Amazonian Shamanic Transpersonal Wisdom’s Transformative Healing Abilities

    • Vision Quest: community life in connection with Sacred Plants

    • Ayahuasca in a Global and Multicultural Context: A Model for Understanding Different Use Patterns of the Concoction

    • Serious Drinking, The Academy of Fear