Social Sciences.


    • Ayahuasca, Psychedelic Studies and Health Sciences: The Politics of Knowledge and Inquiry into an Amazonian Plant Brew

    • Social Representations about Yage in a Group of Young people from Cali, Colombia

    • Personal Wellbeing and the Good Mother of Nature: Ayahuasca Spirituality in Australia

    Social Sciences .

    Indigenous uses

    • El Ritual de la Ayahuasca en la Región de Zamora Chinchipe (Ecuador)

    • El Perspectivismo Ashaninka, Ayahuasca y “Dueños de el Clima”(Brasil)

    Social Sciences .

    Religious uses

    • Religión de los Sentimientos: Contextualización y Reflexión sobre el Desempeño de la Escucha

    • Narratives of Alterity with the Plurality of the Sacred Rites of Ayahuasca

    • Hoasca Ethnomedicine: Traditional Use of “Nove Vegetais” by the União do Vegetal

    Social Sciences.

    Other uses

    • Mystery School in Hyperspace: DMT, Electronica and Remixticism

    • The botanical identity of the soma/haoma plant

    Phenomenology, Psychology and Public Health


    • A Philosophical Grounding for Ayahuasca as a Spiritual Technique

    • Searching Tools to Confront Death

    • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Ayahuasca in the Treatment of Addictions: The Ayahuasca Treatment Outcome Project (ATOP)

    • Effects of the Psychoactive Sacramental Drink Ayahuasca in the Mental Health of Religious Members

    • Ayahuasca, Self-consciousness and Psychological Well-Being: an Study about Religious (In)Congruence

    • Large-scale Survey of Ayahuasca Consumption in Europe: Overview and Perspectives


    • Ayahuasca Ceremony Participants in Scandinavia: Motivation and Effects

    • The View of Life Influences of Ayahuasca Experiences

    • Linguistic Markers of the Level of Integration of Ayahuasca Experiences

    • Hallucinogen Rating Scale (HRS) – A Brazilian Version: Translation and Cross-Cultural Adaptation


    • Ayahuasca & Brain Change: From Pharmacology to Psychology

    • Physiological Effects of Ayahuasca on the Human Brain

    • The Entropic Brain

    • The Possible Role of the Endohallucinogen Dimethyltryptamine in Tissue Regeneration N,N-dimethyltryptamine, Immunoregulation, Indolethylamine-N-Methyltransferase

    • Vines and Minds: Phytochemical Analysis from the DMT-Nexus

    • Moly: Ancient Ayahuasca Relative