Closing Party AYA2014

Closing Party AYA2014

The end of the Ayahuasca Conference will be celebrated with aparty, open to all participants, with performances and music. The event will be held at the outdoor venue called Sansara, with a cozy atmosphere close to the conference site.

During the evening the American artist Josie Hyde will perform pieces from Wind in a Mirror… Ayahuasca Visions, a play fusing poetry, performance and theater about her experience with ayahuasca. The next performance will be conducted by the Greek musician Othon Mataragas, who will perform a DJ set based on his latest album, Pineal, evocative dance music of √≠caros songs and indigenous sounds. Dj Nekken will follow with a session together with the cellist ILLO, the last performance of the party.

All of the conference speakers as well as all attendees are invited to the event. The party will conclude the three days of conferences, although one more workshop will be held on Sunday.


Saturday 27th at 23:00 h
in Sansara; Carretera Santa Eulalia-San Carlos km 9

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