Art in AYA2014

Art in AYA2014

During the days of the Conference the works of four artists that relate to the world and experience of ayahuasca will be presented. In addition we will auction a painting that one of the artists will paint during the cocktail for the speakers.

We have an exhibition of work of Raimon Pla Buxo, a photographer with a long history of photo-journalism in dozens of countries. His work is a journey in pictures of teachers and shamans of the Amazon.

Joaqu√≠n Vila is an illustrator, mural painter and teacher focused on the relationships between nature and humans. He will present a series of illustrations of his series “Ra√≠ces y otras formas de entender“.

Luis Tamani will expose his paintings, inspired by his experiences with the plant. Originally from Peru his art is purely visionary and it reflects an intention to conserve ecosystems.

Zia Zeff is a French Argentine photographer who will exhibit her work on Shamans of the Peruvian Amazon, a tour through Peru in the search for traditional healers of this land.

Leila Habibi, Iranian artist, presents a series of photographs of nature. The perspective of the artist focuses on the idea that nature is alive and she observes our actions.

During the cocktail reception for the speakers, the artist Carolina Maggio will do a live painting of her paintings based on experiences with ayahuasca, different from the more common visionary art, signed by the speakers present. The painting will be auctioned during the three days of the conference, as a fundraiser to cover the costs of the work following the conference.

The works will be exhibited in three rooms of the Palacio de Congresos.

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