Siâ Kaxinawá, indigenous Huni Kuin leader and defender of the Amazon

Siâ Kaxinawá, indigenous Huni Kuin leader and defender of the Amazon

The intelligence of the forest is embodied by those cultures living in symbiosis with nature since time immemorial. Here they found the remedies for their ailments, except for the big virus: settlers and colonialists invading and degrading their ancestral lands.

Siâ Kaxinawá, leader of the indigenous Huni Kuin, born in the State of Acre and seringueiro (Amazonian rubber extractor) at age 14, founded the União das Naçoes Indigenas (UNI/AC) and ASKARJ, organizations dedicated to fighting for the rights of the people of the rainforest. He later studied audiovisual communication in order to document this resistance and began collaborating with numerous newspapers and magazines, as well as founding the periodical “The Varadouro”.

He was a cofounder and permanent member of the International Council on Human Rights (IACHR) and, together with Chico Mendes and other leaders, founded the Alliance of Forest Peoples which strengthened other projects. He also coordinated the Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Juruá Valley. In 1996, at age 32, he assumed leadership of the Huni Kuin upper Jordan River & Tarauacá. In 2005, he was elected vice-mayor of Jordan, Acre.

This video shows the relationship that Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin) have with the environment, their family structure and the daily experience of the sacred supported by plant tools such as ayahuasca:

Siâ Kaxinawá has received several awards, including:

1990 – Special Jury Prize for “Native Indian” in the XIII Guarnicê Cine-Video, São Luís de Maranhão.

1993 – Reebok Human Rights Award in International Leadership, New York.

2005 – Chico Mendes Award in Individual Leadership, Brasilia.

We are very excited to welcome the presence of Siâ Kaxinawá on the indigenous uses of ayahuasca of the primary track of the AYA2014.

If you wish to attend the conference, you can purchase your tickets here.

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