González Soto wins historical ayahuasca trial in Chile

González Soto wins historical ayahuasca trial in Chile

The legal battles being fought around the world to overcome the governmental obstacles blocking the psychotherapeutic use of ethnobotanical tools are carried out by lawyers such as Rodrigo González Soto, who has achieved a historic court victory based on scientific evidence.

In November 2009, the Chilean police violently raided a traditional therapeutic ritual in Manto Wasi. Rumi (César Ahumada) and Danae Sáenz, the assistant psychologist. Both were arrested and accused of drug trafficking in relation to the organization of ayahuasca ceremonies.

He successfully defended the trial against the shaman Rumi. Not only was an acquittal granted, but there was recognition of the  beneficial effects of ayahuasca on the participants that testified in court. This is the first time in history that this has happened, thus creating a powerful legal precedent.

This beautiful movie trailer about the chilean shaman Rumi, from Benjamin De Loenen’s forthcoming documentary, shows the therapeutic use of ayahuasca in South America. Be sure to click the closed captioning button on the video player to see the English subtitles:

In the trial, celebrated in 2012 in Santiago de Chile, the judges recognized:

  • That ayahuasca is NOT a controlled drug, even though it contains DMT (following little known UN conventions).
  • That it has not been shown that this herbal decoction is toxic
  • That, in Ahumada and Sáenz practice, ayahuasca has provided benefits to different people.

We are proud to announce the participation of González Soto in the legal session of the primary track of the Ayahuasca World Conference together with other brave pioneers who struggle to end the prosecution of ayahuasca and its recognition as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

If you want to support and learn about this initiative and many others that will be featured at the AYA 2014, you can purchase tickets on our website.

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