Claudio Naranjo, psyquiatrist, educator and pioneer of transpersonal psychology

Claudio Naranjo, psyquiatrist, educator and pioneer of transpersonal psychology

Dr. Claudio Naranjo (Valparaiso, Chile, 1932) has spent forty years developing the wisdom of the Enneagram and created the Psychology of Enneatypes. As a protege and successor of Fritz Perls, he has become a world leader in Gestalt therapy. Professor at Berkeley, he is considered a pioneer of transpersonal psychology and an integrator of the fields of psychotherapy and spirituality. Naranjo has also conducted sessions with ayahuasca.

Naranjo is an engaging and warm speaker, who has dedicated his life to studying the anatomy of the psyche which, in turn, led him to create the Claudio Naranjo Foundation in order to include human development in the educational process. He has also written more than 15 books and, in 2012, published Ayahuasca, The Vine of the Celestial River (Ediciones La Llave). In this video, Claudio talks about his experience with the Amazonian tea:

Dr. Naranjo is a member of the Club of Rome and Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Udine (Italy). Throughout his career he has:

    • Received teachings from masters such as Swami Muktananda, Idris Shah, Oscar Ichazo, Suleyman Dede and Tarthang Tulku.
    • Developed the SAT (Seekers After Truth) programme, a process of self-knowledge and personal growth which thousands of people have utilised.
    • Participated in many conferences on education and sought to influence the transformation of the education system in many countries, driven by the conviction that nothing is more hopeful in terms of social evolution than the cultivation of individual wisdom, compassion and freedom.

We are thrilled to have the presence of Claudio Naranjo at the Welcome Session and at the Uses of Ayahuasca: Personal Development table on the primary track of AYA 2014. Get your tickets while they last.

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