In the last decade, the interest and use of ayahuasca has expanded exponentially. This phenomenon has both activated the advancement of scientific research into its effects, risks and therapeutic potential, as well as serious legal, ethical and sustainability challenges. The World Ayahuasca Conference 2014, organized by the ICEERS Foundation, aims to be a multidisciplinary event that brings together leading scientists, legal experts, practitioners. environmentalists and other experts involved in the ayahuasca field, facilitating the interchange of experience and knowledge, and the birth of new synergies and collaborations through the formal presentations and round tables, workshops and debates, as well as the informal events of the conference.

    The language of the conference will both be Spanish and English and there will be simultaneous translation in the main room during the whole event. The conference will take place in the Palau de Congressos of Ibiza. Address: C/Salvador Camacho n¬ļ11 - Santa Eul√†ria des Riu.>

    Scientific Advisory Committee

    Jordi Riba, PhD - Barcelona
    Bia Labate, PhD - Mexico
    Rafael Guimar√£es Dos Santos, PhD - Brasil
    José Carlos Bouso, PhD - Barcelona

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    Film Forum

    During the World Ayahuasca Conference 2014 we will be screening a selection of feature length documentaries and shorts about ayahuasca. We received over 20 submissions from over the whole world that deal with different aspects of the subject matter: traditional indigenous uses, environmental aspects, healing journeys of people who are followed through their experiences, personal accounts, ethnographic documents, science, etc.

    Among the selection there are several new documentaries that will officially premier at the conference, with the presence of the director and in some cases also some of the characters of the films.



    Gabor Maté

    Medical Doctor, Canada (Video Conf)

    Si√£ Kaxinawa

    Chief of Kaxinawa, Brazil

    Jonathan Ott

    Ethnobotanist, USA

    Dennis McKenna

    Dr. in Ethnobotany, USA

    Ethan Nademann

    Dir. Drug Policy Alliance, USA

    Antonio Escohotado

    Philosopher, Spain


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    The Beckley Foundation was set up in 1998 by its Director Amanda Feilding. Since then it has been at the frontier of Global Drug Policy Reform and Scientific Research into the potential benefits of psychoactive substances. The Beckley Foundation is unique in combining a pioneering scientific research programme with being a much respected international drug policy think-tank, which holds special consultative status at the UN.

    ‚ÄĘ Policy Programme: work to reform national and international drug policies using evidence-based scientific research. The Foundation has always advocated a move away from the current prohibitionist approach towards policies based on health, harm-reduction, cost-effectiveness and the respect of human rights.

    ‚ÄĘ Scientific Programme: undertakes pioneering research on how psychoactive substances work in the brain, thereby uncovering their potential benefits. Our current scientific projects include research on Psilocybn, LSD, MDMA, Ayahuasca and Cannabis.


    The Riverstyx Foundation is a private family foundation dedicated to the progressive reform of policies and practices around criminal justice, drug use, and end-of-life care, and has been providing funding for psychedelic research for over 6 years.

    NGO's that support this event:

    plantaforma Organization for the defense of ayahuasca. Madrid, Spain
    MAPS Non profit organization for the scientific research of psychedelics, USA.
    ferigla Ethnopsychology & expanded states of consciousness. Scientific studies & application. Catalonia, Spain
    ESC Non profit organization dedicated to assuring the sustainability and safe use of traditional plants, and enriching the communities who work with them. USA
    Nierika Multidisciplinary non-profit association dedicated to studying and preserving the ceremonial, spiritual and therapeutic use of sacred plants within indigenous traditions and cultures of the American Continent.
    Nierika1 The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the US leading organization promoting drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.
    AlianzaArkana A Peruvian non-profit organization working side by side with indigenous partners to help co-create a just and regenerative future for the Peruvian Amazon.
    StichtingOPEN OPEN is a Dutch Non-Profit Foundation that seeks to encourage interdisciplinary research into psychedelics.

    Companies that support this event:

    MayaEthnobotanicals Maya Ethnobotanicals has 15 years of experience in sourcing, researching and providing the rarest and most prominent ethnobotanical plants, incenses, shamanic objects and arts from around the world.

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